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An album needs a title.  A title needs an album?  Why, yes and no.  No and yes.  Yep.  OK.  Let’s Active!  Let’s play!   Infrablab?  Well.  I’ll get to that in sec.  I’ll go through some of the failed titles.  I’m my own worst critic, so anything harsh anyone has to say about my work, I’ve already done it for you and it’s quite caustic and demoralizing and enables me to continue with a smile.  Weird huh?  Kinda gives me ammo.  Weird again.  Some failed titles (seriously):

ABCDE (Pronounced AB-SUH_DEE) Since I was composing around improvisations there would be no real AABA form.  Henceforth, hereafter, ABCDE.







UKUSOKBYME (good one)

INFRABLAB (da winna!)

Infra:  meaning BELOW.

Older guys may remember a button called “infrasonic” on some old stereo receivers.  It filtered out excess rumble from the electro-mechanical sound reproduction from the phono cartridge and needle.

Blab:  Do I really need to define this?

That word popped into my head while I was trying to remember, a certain photo editing program I liked many years back.  I was recalling a lizard on the logo and that it started with an “I”.   (It was Irfanview).   So, in my mind I was thinking of , igstibbit, ignoofer, infrastump, etc.  Then I thought of the annoying robot on the Jetsons called Uniblab and that went into Infrablab and all of a sudden I was laughing out loud.  Alone.  There it was, simple as that.  But, we are two bass players yes?  Infra.  We chat on the musical yes?  Blab.  And I think it’s funny and doesn’t take itself to seriously.  I suppose, I should be Mr. Serious all the time.  Nah.



Steve’s part was actually recorded at my house in 2007.  He laid down tracks on a sketch I had.  He actually played like 6.  I took two.  I had to leave some room for me in places.  Natch.  I chopped up a few licks from one of his solos to make a nice melody.  I also found a snippet to make an intro lick to introduce solo sections.  The beginning, I made a homage to our 80s upbringings.  I made a synth patch using some PPG WAV samples I had.  Think Tears for Fears.  I ran my trusty battered Alembic ERB boosted by a PsionicAudio Triad 1 pedal into a THD guitar amp for the leads.  I stepped down the gain of that amp, using a 12AT7 tube in the boost section that was liberated from an old Philco radio.  (That’s for the amp geeks)   The fretless items on my part were my trusty Alembic fretless.  (for the bass geeks) Steve’s solos were not edited per se in any way but for length.  They are as they were played.  The ending solo on Steve’s part, I did assemble a “opening” melody for the sake of flow.  (There’s that but the SOLO is what he played.)  If that tune flows at all, which is why it’s called Doors.  At the end it all slams shut.

Inpspirational quotes:

Give me lumps of sound and I’ll organize it for you.  That’s what I do. –Frank Zappa

One line is my sins, and the other is forgiveness-Arvo Part (taken from an interview of Part by Bjork.)


Yes.  The next tune is just that.  I was thinking of Arvo.  This is a man whose music I HAD to listen to.  Know why?  I saw a photo of him.   I was so terrified and enthralled by his APPEARANCE that I knew he had to be THE HIGH PRIEST OF THE SACRED ORACLE OF WHAT’S HAPPENING.  He is.  Go figure.  He vibed me with a thousand mile stare.  This was done in 20 minutes including the mix.  I took out most of my bass track, which frankly RUINED the entire thing.   I then left Steve’s alone and it was perfect.  I made a bass appearance at the end but didn’t get the last word.  As an artist, you get in a state where it’s all about you.  Since, having a son, and since my father’s departure, I realized I don’t give enough.  Trying to rectify that.  This tune is a musical step towards that.  The person and the artist cannot be separate.  That’s what they say anyway. What Steve played was perfect.  There you go.  Me getting rid myself was in a way symbolic of forgiveness.  Again, I didn’t get the last word here.  Forgiveness.  Getting rid of baggage.  Not hanging onto to past.  This one MEANS the most to me.  It’s actually my fave.


He doesn’t look like a Jon or a Johnny, he looks like a Jonathan.  We all have seen people like this.  Titus was titled by me mistyping “title,” I think.  Then it sounded like Titus.  Who is Titus?  There is a book in the Bible.  That’s not him, though.  But, it is Titus.  Steve did the grooving.  I added a chorus bass line and soloed with the Alembic ERB.  Solo was one take all the way through to the end.  The first one.  I did a few more, but that one I felt was READY.


That Part of the Word is funny.  My son gave me that title when we were goofing off reading books.  I did a homage to English music of the 80s (which I love to this day) by doing an imitation of New Order a bit.  I used my battered no-name J-bass into the THD amp for that.  Steve does the insane soloing stuff, playing his Modulus fretless with a slide.  Solos were done on the natch and only edited for length.  The song has a fade on my solos.  Which were the ERB and my J-bass.  I trimmed off 3 minutes of myself wanking at the end.  Even, I thought it was tedious.   There you go.

I’d like to leave you with some bad reviews of this EP recording:

“Wamsley’s transitions are done with all the subtlety of a stun-line at a slaughterhouse.”  Mudville Art Review

“I can’t dance to this at all.”  -fat chav chick at Buffalo Wild Wings

“This.  THIS JUST SUCKS.”  -Welsh Implement Tractor Review

“Wamsley apparently bathes in chemical refreshment.”   -Girls Gone Wild Monthly

“I’ve never heard of a country called UK.  Where is Uck anyway?  I don’t wanna go there ever.  Them people mus’ be weerd to allow this kinda, this kinda, kinda, kinda, kinda….KINDA CRAP to perpetrate aural raperage on my eardrums.” – Uptight Redneck Gun and Truck and Deep Fat Fryer Review.

Man.  Those critics are mean.  Listen to the music and decide for yourself.  Big LOVE!

Get it here:


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